Interview video recording prices
Interview recording prices in London can vary widely based on several key factors, including the location, duration, equipment required, and the expertise of the personnel involved. On average, rates can range from:
  1. Basic package: Ideal for those requiring a simple, yet professional look. This package might include a single camera setup, basic lighting, and lapel microphones, with a few hours of shooting £500 - £800.
  2. Standard package: A step up, offering 2-3 camera setups for dynamic editing options, enhanced lighting, and professional sound recording. This package is suited for creators looking for a bit more depth and quality in their video interviews £800 - £2,500.
  3. Premium package: Tailored for high-end productions, featuring multiple cameras, advanced lighting rigs, superior sound equipment, and possibly a teleprompter. This package often includes extensive post-production services like editing, colour grading, and motion graphics £2,500 - £5,000+.

Editing prices

Typically, the editing costs for a short interview, which results in up to 30 minutes of final footage, range from £200 to £500. Additionally, if you're considering adding an intro to your interview, prices for creating one with custom graphics, moderate animations, and possibly licensed music fall between £300 and £600. Opting for this level of intro adds significant customization and a unique touch to your project, enhancing its overall appeal and distinctiveness
Factors influencing interview recording prices
  1. Location: Recording in a professional studio versus on location can affect the cost. Studio rentals in London can add significantly to the budget but offer controlled environments for high-quality audio and visual capture. On-location shoots might incur travel expenses and permit fees, if applicable.
  2. Equipment: High-definition cameras, professional microphones, and lighting setups contribute to the cost. Specialized equipment, such as teleprompters or multi-camera setups, will increase the price.
  3. Crew expertise: The experience and skill level of the crew, including the audio technician, videographer, and any support staff, directly impact the rates. Higher expertise equals higher costs but ensures a superior quality of the recorded interview.
  4. Post-production: Editing the interview for clarity, pacing, and engagement is crucial. Post-production costs depend on the complexity of the editing required, with rates starting from £200 to £1,000 for basic editing of a short interview.
  5. Additional services: Services such as transcription, subtitling, or adding graphics and animations can further increase the overall cost.
How can you use interview videos?
Interviews can be a goldmine of content, offering versatile uses beyond their initial purpose. Whether you’re working with interviews for professional, educational, or entertainment contexts, there are several creative and impactful ways to repurpose interview segments. Here’s a look at some effective strategies:
  • -1-
    Public-facing and promotional content

    Blog Posts or Articles

    Podcast Episodes

    Marketing Materials

    Behind-the-Scenes Content

    Series of Client Testimonials


    News Features

    Educational Content

    Corporate/Internal Communication

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    In-depth and value-adding content

    Email Newsletters

    Webinars and Live Q&As

    Customer Support Material

    Training and Educational Videos

    Expert Panels

    Product Development Feedback

    Thought Leadership Pieces

When produced thoughtfully, interview videos become a repository of rich content that can be repurposed to reach diverse audiences and fulfill various strategic objectives. Not limited to their original form, these interviews can be adapted to short-form clips ideal for social media platforms like Instagram, where capturing the audience's attention quickly is essential. Conversely, platforms such as YouTube are suited for more in-depth presentations, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the full dialogue.
Accessibility and inclusivity should be at the heart of content distribution. Providing transcripts of interview videos can open the content up to a wider audience, including those with hearing impairments. Expanding into new markets could involve localizing the content through translations, enabling non-English speaking audiences to engage with the interviews.
We Stream: Your interview recording production

The interactive potential of interview content is immense. Embedding these videos into web articles can create an engaging, multimedia experience. Further interaction can be facilitated by organizing live Q&A sessions, where the interviewee can connect directly with the audience, creating a vibrant exchange and deepening the viewer's relationship with the content.
Educational domains also benefit immensely from interview content. Expert discussions can be converted into learning modules for online courses, providing learners with real-world perspectives. In a more corporate setting, these interviews can serve as case studies or be incorporated into training materials, bringing authenticity to professional development programs.

Commercial opportunities are equally vast. Content can be monetized directly through pay-per-view arrangements or indirectly through sponsorships that align interviews with brand messaging. As a long-term strategy, interviews can contribute to a content library that becomes a resource for future projects or historical documentation.
Interviews can also play a significant role in narrative storytelling for brands, allowing companies to tell their stories through personal accounts and testimonials. These stories not only humanise the brand but also reinforce corporate values and culture, offering a glimpse into the company's heart and soul.

By stretching the capabilities of interview footage beyond its conventional use, organisations can ensure that these insights and stories resonate across multiple channels, securing a broader impact and maximising the return on their content investment.
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