Real estate videography & photography prices
  • Real estate videography:
    Prices can range from £800 to £4,000 and upwards, depending on the project's scope. A comprehensive video tour of a large property might include drone footage, time-lapse videos of construction sites, interviews with architects or developers, and detailed post-production to highlight the property's features.
  • Real Estate Photography:
    Starting from £500 to £2,000 or more. Factors influencing the cost include the property size, the number of shots needed, special requirements like twilight photography, and the inclusion of aerial shots to capture the property's scale and surroundings.
Factors influencing pricing
  • Aerial and Drone Photography: Essential for capturing the scale and context of large properties, aerial shots add a dramatic perspective that ground-level photography cannot achieve. The use of drones requires skilled operators and may include additional permits and insurance, especially in a city like London with strict airspace regulations.
  • Advanced Equipment: High-resolution cameras, stabilizing equipment, and professional lighting setups are necessary to showcase large properties in their best light, contributing to higher costs.
  • Extended Production Time: The sheer size and complexity of large properties mean more time spent on-site shooting and in post-production, meticulously crafting the final product.
  • Specialised Skillset: Capturing large properties requires not just general videography and photography skills but also an understanding of architectural and construction aesthetics. Professionals with this niche expertise typically command higher rates.

Showcasing large real estate

When it comes to showcasing large real estate entities like hotels, multi-story buildings, and construction sites, the visual presentation must be nothing short of spectacular. These vast properties not only demand a broader lens but also a keen eye for detail to highlight their unique features and potential. Given the scale and complexity of such projects, enlisting a team of professional photographers and videographers becomes crucial. This article delves into what clients might consider in terms of investment when hiring a professional team to capture the essence of large properties.

Large properties come with their own set of challenges and opportunities for visual content creation. For hotels and multi-story buildings, the focus is on showcasing the luxury, amenities, architecture, and the atmosphere that makes the property unique. Construction sites, meanwhile, require a narrative that captures progress, scale, and the technicalities of the build. Professional videographers and photographers use a combination of aerial footage, detailed interior shots, and dynamic visuals to tell the property’s story compellingly.

The investment in professional videography and photography services for large-scale properties can vary widely based on several factors, including the project's scope, the duration of the shoot, the specific requirements of the client, and the post-production work involved. Here is a breakdown of considerations that can influence the overall investment:

Why hiring We Stream?
Our services extend beyond just capturing footage. We Stream offers a full suite of post-production services, including expert editing, colour grading, and the addition of adaptation all the content for various platforms that enhance the property's presentation. Our team also provides valuable guidance on leveraging this content across various marketing channels to maximise reach and impact.
Maximising your visual investment
  • Early Collaboration: Engage with your videography and photography team early in the planning process. Discuss your vision, the property’s unique selling points, and any specific challenges associated with the site.
  • Comprehensive Briefing: Provide a detailed brief that outlines all desired outcomes, special features of the property to highlight, and any branding guidelines to adhere to.
  • Leverage Multi-Use Content: Aim for versatile content that can be utilised across marketing channels, from online listings and social media to printed brochures and investor presentations.
We understand the importance of budget considerations, especially for large-scale projects. We Stream offers competitive pricing without compromising on quality, ensuring that our clients receive the best value for their investment. Additionally, our efficient workflow minimises turnaround times, allowing you to bring your property to market faster.

Showcase your property like never before with We Stream's innovative solutions
For large-scale real estate projects in London, choosing We Stream means entrusting your property to a team that brings expertise, innovation, and a personalised approach to every project. Our commitment to quality, combined with our strategic use of technology and deep understanding of real estate marketing, makes us the ideal partner to showcase your property in its best light. Let We Stream help you elevate your property's profile and captivate your audience with visuals that tell a compelling story.