Social media content prices and packages
In London's dynamic social media content creation market, packages for producing reels vary widely in scope and price, reflecting the diverse needs of influencers and brands. While it's challenging to pinpoint exact averages due to the bespoke nature of these services, there are common tiers and what you might expect to receive at each level. Here’s a general overview of the "normal" packages in this segment and the approximate costs associated with them.
General price ranges as a guideline:
  • Basic production: For simpler projects that may involve minimal editing and use of in-house talent, prices can start from £200 to £500 per video.
  • Mid-level production: Projects requiring more sophisticated filming, including professional editing and the involvement of a small production team, might range between £500 to £2,000 per video.
  • High-end production: For top-tier quality content featuring extensive creative development, high-profile talent, and advanced post-production techniques, prices can exceed £2,000 and may reach up to £5,000 or more per video, especially if filming in sought-after London locations.
High-end production for unmatched quality
For clients aiming to make a significant impact with their social media presence, We Stream provides high-end production services that leave no stone unturned. From conceptualizing unique and captivating narratives to employing state-of-the-art filming equipment and advanced post-production techniques, our premium packages are designed to deliver content that stands out for its creativity, quality, and ability to engage audiences.

Affordable options for emerging influencers and brands
Understanding the constraints faced by emerging influencers and small businesses, We Stream also offers affordable social media content packages. These solutions are tailored to provide quality content creation without the hefty price tag, ensuring that even those new to the scene or working within tight budgets can access professional video production services.
Key factors influencing prices

  1. Production quality: The level of quality desired significantly impacts pricing. High-definition, professionally shot reels and stories with advanced graphics and editing require a higher investment than simpler, more straightforward content.
  2. Creative development: The conceptualisation and scripting phase can vary in complexity. More elaborate, creative concepts involving detailed storyboarding and scriptwriting typically lead to higher costs.
  3. Talent and crew: Utilising professional actors, influencers, or voiceover artists, along with a skilled production crew (director, videographer, editor), can enhance your content but will also affect the price.
  4. Location and props: Filming in rented spaces or iconic London locations, as well as the need for specific props or costumes, can add to the overall cost.
  5. Post-production: Advanced editing, animation, and special effects used to polish social media videos and make them stand out are priced based on the complexity of the work.
  6. Licensing and rights: Music, stock footage, or other media used within reels and stories may require licensing fees, which should be considered in the budget.
Packages for producing reels

Starter packages

Price range: £500 - £800

  • 3 to 5 reels
  • 1-3 hours filming
  • Basic concept consultation
  • Simple editing with minimal effects
  • Use of existing or easily accessible locations

Mid-tier packages

Price range: £800 - £1,500

  • 5 to 10 reels
  • Enhanced concept development and scripting assistance
  • Professional editing, licensed music
  • Access to a wider range of locations, possibly including rented spaces

Premium packages

Price range: £1,500 - £4,000+

  • 10 to 20 reels or more
  • Comprehensive pre-production planning, including detailed storyboarding
  • Filming with professional equipment and possibly multiple camera angles
  • Advanced post-production, including high-end editing, color grading, and complex animations
  • Collaboration with professional actors, models, or influencers for higher production value
Additional considerations we offer

We offer customisable packages, enabling clients to tailor services to their specific needs and budget. Whether you're looking for just a few key services or a comprehensive content creation solution, we can adjust our offerings to match your requirements.

We provide special discounts and rates for long-term collaborations. Understanding the value of consistency in social media content, we offer cost-effective solutions for influencers and brands aiming to produce high-quality content regularly.

Recognising the unique demands of different projects, we offer additional services that can be included in your package. From conducting detailed market research to capturing ultra-high-definition footage or undertaking extensive location scouting, we're equipped to meet your extra needs, ensuring your content stands out.
Why choose We Stream
  • Versatility: Our ability to cater to both high-end and affordable content creation needs makes us a versatile partner for your social media strategy.
  • Quality assurance: Regardless of the package chosen, quality remains our top priority. We ensure every piece of content reflects the best of your brand or personal brand.
  • Expertise and innovation: With a team of experienced professionals and a commitment to staying ahead of industry trends, We Stream delivers content that captures attention and drives engagement.