About us

In 2020, Violetta and Vitalii started the umbrella company, Vakul Film. The main entities under the umbrella are We Stream and Filmarry.

We Stream is a company that offers a full range of services for companies, businesses, and individuals.

High-quality event videography, event photography, conference photography, conference videography, and PR content creation, along with portrait photography, live streaming, and interview recording, are among our specialties.
At We Stream, our mission is to transform every event into an unforgettable story. We believe in the power of visual narratives to connect, inspire, and engage audiences around the world. With a blend of artistic creativity and technological innovation, we craft bespoke media experiences that not only capture moments but also encapsulate the essence of each event. Our vision is to be the leading force in event media services, renowned for our ability to bring each client's unique vision to life through exceptional videography, photography, and digital content.

What sets We Stream apart is our commitment to excellence and a personalized approach. We understand that every event is unique, and our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring that each project reflects the individuality and spirit of our clients. From intimate gatherings to grand-scale productions, we provide end-to-end media solutions tailored to meet the specific needs and aspirations of those we serve. Our unique value lies in our ability to seamlessly blend storytelling with state-of-the-art technology, delivering not just a service, but an experience that resonates long after the event concludes.
Core team
Violetta Coretnic - co-founder and creative director of We Stream.
Violetta Coretnic is co-founder and creative director of “We Stream”. Born in Ukraine, she began her career in 2015, creating extensive content for local brands and restaurants. After earning her bachelor’s degree in Publishing and printing in 2019, she moved to London and has been invited to be a photographer for the World Fashion Awards. Her videography career started later, in 2020. Her style is characterized by rhythmical movements of the camera, frequent references to pop culture and different movies. During her career, her music videos have gained hundreds of thousands of views, as well as commercial success. Apart from gaining success in music videos, she also shot interviews with Paul Pogba and Tommy Hilfiger.

Vitalii Vakulchuk - co-founder and main DoP of We Stream.
Vitalii Vakulchuk is co-founder and main DoP of “We Stream”. Vitalii developed an interest in filmmaking from a young age. After studying publishing and printing at Chernivtsi National University, he emigrated to London in 2020. After buying his first camera, he immediately began shooting short videos for various clients, including music videos, YouTube shows, PR, and event videos. In two years, he made his short film debut with “Rental”(2022). During his career he also filmed videos with Kris Jenner and Rishi Sunak.
  • Chi Yu
    Camera Operator
    Seasoned videographer with 8 years in production, specializing in directing, editing, and live streaming. Passionate about crafting compelling stories for commercials, music videos, fashion, and events.
  • András Stefuca
    Andras, our crew's technical genius and professional photographer, excels in bringing events, businesses, and magazines to life through his lens.
  • Anastasiia Zhuk
    2nd AC, editor
    Our 2nd AC and editor combines meticulous attention to detail with creative flair, ensuring every frame and edit contributes to a captivating visual narrative.
We stream works with over 20 professional video operators and filmmakers based in London and all around the world. Our company is happy to provide excellent video and photo material to the ones who need it. We Stream has created content that gained half a million views on YouTube.
We work highly efficiently and our quick turnaround helps business owners to gain more clients, followers and workers in the short term. We Stream offers a wide range of equipment to suit various needs. We also have special deals with different rental companies which help you to save a bit of money by ordering from us. We use 4k Sony cameras with a range of great lenses, we also have great drones for the best flying experience.

Coverage throughout Europe. We have professionals in every country, but even if they’re busy, we arrange a flight for our London-based crew to help with all the destination events.
What do you get working with us?
Expert video & photography
  • Professional cameraperson
  • Expert 4K video & sound equipment
  • Pre-production for your project
  • Editing included in most packages
  • Secure file management
  • £5M public liability insurance
  • Fast turnaround photography and videography optional
  • Free help and advice
  • Free cancellation within terms
If you have any interviews or events coming up soon - you can always get us as your media support team. We’re trying to help those clients who come to us at very short notice.

To book us, you can simply send a request to our email.