Videography and photography pricing

Top-quality photo and video services at cost-effective prices
Our photo and video services are top quality. We don’t work on zero-budget projects, but our services are always cost-effective. However, every single shoot made by us is going to be cinematic and will be the best for that price.

In an effort to streamline the process for our clients and provide a clear understanding of our service offerings, we've designed a straightforward and efficient method to navigate the pricing for our diverse range of videography and photography services. Recognizing the importance of high-quality photo and video content, we ensure that every project we undertake is not only cinematic in its execution but also offers the best value for the price.

Pick your service
  • Conference videography & photography

    Filming live events and conferences, including exhibitions, seminars, festivals and award events.
  • Commercial video production

    Great experience producing commercial video productions. We provide an end-to-end video production service
  • Brand videos

    Videographers specialising in a brand content video production and brand marketing videos.
  • Social media content

    We Stream is a full service Content Creation Agency. Photography and videography for all of your social media platforms.
  • Fashion videography & photography

    Cinematic fashion videography for brands and collaborations. Red carpets and celebrities of all sorts.
  • Event videography & photography

    As a professional event videographer in London with a team, we offer filming services for various events . Complete event videography
    pricing guide.
  • Podcast video

    Expert podcast video production services, specialising in filming diverse subjects from students to celebrities and top executives.
  • Interview recording

    Engaging, authentic talking head interview videos that look fantastic. Whether on location or in the studio, for interviews, talking heads, or vox pops, we've got you covered.
  • Youtube video creators

    Expert YouTube video filming and editing, from single episodes to ongoing series
  • Music video production

    Full-service music video production house based in London. We'll help take your vision from concept to screen. From film and edit to shoot behind the scenes footage, we've got you covered.
  • Real estate videographer & photographer

    Premier video production firm, we craft exceptional property videos and lifestyle films, focusing on Hotel Video Production. Our luxury real estate and residential property videography service stands out for its quality.
  • Football videographer & photographer

    Hire a professional sports videographer at competitive rates from us and receive a high-quality photo and video report of your event within 24 hours! *when fast turnaround option applied
Pricing for our services depends on a large amount of information.Tailoring the Experience: Factors That Affect Pricing
  • The videographer's reputation: Experts recognised for their artistry and professionalism often command higher fees. Our team has videographers and photographers who can accommodate every budget.
  • The scope of your event: More extensive, complex events require greater time, equipment, and skill, reflecting in the cost.
  • Event type: High-profile events like red carpets or corporate functions often involve additional intricacies and expectations.
  • Deliverables: The number and type of final videos, including the use of advanced techniques like drone footage, customise your package.
  • Additional services: Extras such as live streaming or same-day edits can enhance your package but will adjust the pricing accordingly.
The Strategic Value
For corporate events, the value of videography extends into the realms of marketing, branding, and internal engagement. High-quality video content can bolster your brand's image, engage stakeholders on platforms like LinkedIn, and serve as a dynamic tool for training and development. It's not just about capturing the event; it's about leveraging the content to drive your business forward.

Do we charge per hour or per project? We typically create packages for the entire project, encompassing pre-production, production, and post-production stages, to provide you with the most value. This approach allows us to offer more than just a service - it ensures that you receive a comprehensive solution tailored to your event's needs.

To provide a personalized quote and discuss your specific videography and photography needs, we invite you to take advantage of our free consultation. Simply fill out our form, and let's start the conversation on how we can bring your vision to life with unmatched quality and value.