PR content for healthcare district.

Albatross healthcare - slider makes a difference

What is the best way to convert the lead to the actual customer? Sending a large pdf explaining why working with you is the best option? Old school. Sending your website? Yeah, but if you don’t have any photos or video there, it is boring. Reaching them by email? Can work, but how will you express all the benefits from working with your company and not others?
Video. That is the correct answer.
We stream has been asked to shoot a series of explaining videos for the Albatross Healthcare. Professional video with explanations about how the healthcare system works with a pinch of ad on top of it. That’s what the Albatross Healthcare team can send to clients who are interested in a specific option, but still hesitate because they are not sure if they want to go with this exact company.

PR videography is not only advertisement videography. PR videography is about sharing the agenda of the brand, raising the brand awareness via short videos of events. PR videography is about becoming closer to the client and reaching into the larger audience.

The final video you can see here
PR videography, when we’re talking about a person, not a company, is personal branding and positioning. On your website you'll post a portrait of yourself. What kind of photo is it going to be?
Strong, emotionless photo of a business owner? Friendly smiling photo to attract customers who’d be friends with you in the future? Creative, strange photo to share your kinda weird personality? This is all about positioning yourself in society. And the We Stream team can create the right portrait photo or PR video for any of those purposes.

If you have any interviews or events coming up soon - you can always get us as your media support team. We’re trying to help those clients who come to us at very short notice.

To book us you can simply write a request to our email. It can be found on the contacts page.
Oct, 26 / 2021