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London bar opening video proposal by We Stream| Commercial videography

Capturing the essence: The production stage

Our journey begins with the production stage, a meticulously planned process where our cameras become the silent narrators of the bar's opening story. Imagine the warm glow of the setting sun casting its rays through the clubhouse windows, the laughter and anticipation of the members, and the clinking glasses heralding the beginning of a new chapter. Our team is poised to capture these moments and more, focusing on the unique features that make the bar a standout addition to the Chipstead Golf Club. From the intricately designed interiors that speak of elegance and comfort to the selection of beverages that promise an exploration of flavors, every detail will be brought to life through our lenses.

We understand that the atmosphere and vibe of the bar are as important as its physical attributes. Hence, our event videography will not only highlight the great things within its walls but also the sense of belonging and joy it brings to the club's members. The laughter, the conversations, the first impressions—each will be documented to reflect the true spirit of the Chipstead Golf Club's newest jewel.

Weaving magic: The post-production stage

Once the essence of the opening day has been captured, we transition into the post-production stage, where the raw footage is transformed into a captivating narrative. Here, our expertise in editing, color grading, and sound design comes to the forefront. Through careful editing, we will craft a story that flows seamlessly, showcasing the highlights of the opening and weaving together the many moments that define the bar's debut.

Color grading will add depth and mood to the visuals, enhancing the ambiance of the bar and making the footage not just seen but felt. Whether it’s the warmth of the interiors or the vibrancy of the gathering, each shot will be treated to reflect the atmosphere accurately and beautifully.

Sound design is the final touch in our post-production process, bringing together natural sounds, ambient music, and snippets of conversations to create a rich auditory experience. This layer not only complements the visual story but also immerses the viewer in the atmosphere of the event, making them feel as if they were there, experiencing the opening firsthand.

Maximising reach across digital platforms

The versatility of the content we've discussed in our basic package ensures that whether you opt for a vertical or horizontal video format, you'll be fully equipped to captivate your audience wherever they may be online. Understanding the strategic placement of each format can significantly enhance your video's visibility and impact.

Vertical video use cases:

  • Instagram: Perfect for Stories, Posts, and IGTV, vertical videos offer an immersive experience that occupies the full screen of mobile devices.
  • Facebook: Leverage vertical videos for Stories and in-feed posts to catch the eye of scrolling users.
  • TikTok: With the platform designed for vertical viewing, your video will seamlessly integrate into users’ feeds, ensuring maximum engagement.
  • Ads on social apps: Vertical videos can be highly effective for mobile-optimised advertising campaigns within these platforms, offering a more engaging way to capture attention.

Horizontal video use cases:

  • Website: Enhance your online presence with a horizontal video that adds a professional touch to your homepage or dedicated bar section.
  • Google maps: Incorporate it into your business listing to give potential visitors a captivating preview of what awaits them.
  • LinkedIn: Ideal for sharing on your company profile or in posts, horizontal brand video cater to a professional audience looking for high-quality places for business meetings or events.
  • Facebook: While also accommodating vertical videos, horizontal formats are well-suited for Facebook's desktop interface, ensuring a broad reach.
  • Email marketing: Embedding horizontal videos in newsletters or promotional emails can provide an engaging touchpoint with your subscribers.

The impact on audience engagement and standout potential

The strategic use of your bar opening video across these platforms ensures that you not only reach a wide audience but also connect with them in a meaningful way. Here’s how your video will make an impact:
  • Showcasing atmosphere and vibe: Through dynamic visual storytelling, the video invites viewers into the unique atmosphere of your bar, setting the stage for what they can expect.
  • Highlighting unique selling points: Whether it's your selection of drinks, the interior design, or special events, the video accentuates what makes your bar a must-visit location.
  • Encouraging social sharing: A captivating video is more likely to be shared, increasing word-of-mouth publicity and extending your reach beyond your immediate audience.
  • Building anticipation and excitement: For potential customers, the video serves as a tantalising preview, building anticipation for the experience of visiting your bar.

Wedding videography

In our discussions about capturing the essence of your bar opening at Chipstead Golf Club, we couldn’t help but notice the incredible potential of your venue as a distinguished setting for weddings.
To give you a taste of what we can offer, we would like to present one of our wedding videos we've previously created. This piece not only showcases our ability to capture the grandeur and intimacy of such occasions but also demonstrates how we artfully integrate the venue’s character into the narrative of the day. It’s a testament to our commitment to excellence and our ability to preserve those once-in-a-lifetime moments in a manner that’s both captivating and deeply personal.
We believe that Chipstead Golf Club, with its picturesque setting and impeccable service, could become one of London's most sought-after wedding venues. By partnering with us for your wedding videography needs, you'll not only enhance the appeal of your venue to potential couples but also provide them with a memento of their day that they’ll cherish for a lifetime. We're excited about the possibility of working together to capture the magic of weddings at your esteemed venue and look forward to discussing how we can tailor our services to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.