small pr campaign for the tutor's website

Website video for the dancer.

While talented programmers are creating a website which works amazingly and which finds your audience, there has to be someone to fill the empty website with some sort of photos. Amazing photos, fabulous videos which actually convert the leads into clients. This is the thing We Stream does.
Our client is a professional dancer who started his own course for people of all ages and body shapes. His slogan is “as soon as you’re alive - you can dance”. So, knowing the idea of the brand and the agenda our client wants to share - we’ve come up with this concept.
Excellent, luxury video of people dancing.
Nice, smooth movements with clean videography would make it great. What else should we get? We have to get a location. What is the best colour to show that people are confident in what they do? Blue. Alright. We also need something to symbolise the freedom they achieve with clients' classes. How to shoot this freedom?

Amazing blue sky close to sunset. That’s what we need. We'd been inspired by the Burberry campaign and decided that the shooting was going to take place in Holland Park. But then we moved the location to Hyde Park.

We also need people from different age groups and different body shapes. This video would be amazing. The video shooting process for this particular client was pretty close to the music videos we'd done previously. Slow motion to show grace. Movements around the people, slight “fly mode”, but from the ground.

Colour grading also played a big role in this project. Even though some of the shoots in the raw were more blueish because of the clouds, and some of them were sunny, we managed to do the proper colour grading job so everything looked like one solid video.

Now our client has a website with a great video in the header. He is extremely happy with the material and, as usual, the great video converts many more leads into clients!

Don’t forget to book our videography and photography team to have the best content for your website, social media, LinkedIn and other purposes!

July, 19 / 2022