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Fast Growth Icons event in London.

Fast Growth Icons is an amazing event for CEOs of great corporations and owners of businesses with revolutionary ideas. This network has events all around the world in Berlin, Paris, Stockholm and New York.
Our London-based videography team is always ready to travel all around the world, but this time the event took place in London. A great event where entrepreneurs meeting other highly successful business owners to exchange inspirational advice was an amazing opportunity for us to create a lot of useful content. The owner of this networking event asked us to film a few highlight videos which he could use in order to promote his next event as well as on-site digital photography, so the attendees would spread the news about the event by posting photos with FGI during the actual event.

The event itself took place in Claridge’s - one of the well known hotels in central London. Our team arrived at 9am. We set up the equipment and began taking the photos.
One of the final videos you can see here
Quick turnaround means that every 30 mins, one of the crew members gets back to the editors' table, passes the SD card with new material, gets an empty card and gets back to shooting.

For the following 30 mins, editors uploaded, edited, colour graded the files, then sent them to the next person who put the FGI watermark on top of all the photos and uploaded them to the website. Quick photo turnaround also helped the company to create a lot of additional material for their social media. They’ve posted lots of photos on their Twitter, Facebook and instagram accounts to engage the audience.

The videography part of the crew also worked on the quick turnaround basics. But in this case, quick means 1-2 days of delivery because the video editing process takes much more time. To get the most out of your event you have to know how to use your event video.
Second highlights video
Post production stages of video creating are: editing, colour correction, audio matching, audio editing, colour grading and motion design. All of these stages require time and having a professional video editing crew based in London (so you don’t have to upload and download the material plenty of times) allows us to decrease the amount of editing time to 1-2 days.

At the FGI event we met Steven Mendel - CEO and Co-founder of ManyPets, Margo Polishchuk - Co-founder and director of pro-Sapient, Guy Podjarny - Founder and president of Snyk, Hasayn Kassai - Co-founder of onfido, Ben Fletcher - Founer of Mothership. All of these amazing people shared a lot of experience with us and that’s a great pleasure working as videographers at big corporate events! I am absolutely sure that videos of great quality could work as PR content for their social media!
If you have any interviews or events coming up soon - you can always get us as your media support team. We’re trying to help those clients who come to us at very short notice.

To book us you can simply write a request to our email. It can be found on the contacts page.
May, 19 / 2022