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Hoxton Cabin is a bar, cafe and events space located in East London.

We Stream has been asked to shoot a number of events and PR photos and videos there.
The event video from Hoxton Cabin is so deep and atmospheric, you can genuinely feel the vibe of the place. Warm, friendly environment with people who become more and more close friends every time. People are having fun while watching stand-up comedy, fresh pop-corn is popping in the background - that’s all about this cozy place.
You can check the website video here
Hoxton cabin ordered PR videography in London. They knew that the best videography team in east London is We Stream and booked us ahead of time. The right time came in spring and our professional videography team came to the location. We’ve been here before. Professional videographers will always check the location before the actual shooting. But the last time we were there was during the daytime. At night, the nice open cafe with big windows transforms. Now it looks like part of the novel where old friends meet and become lovers.

Filming in London is not as hard because the city itself has an amazing atmosphere, but shooting a video in a pub with such a deep atmosphere is even easier. You just take your camera out of the bag, and start filming a crowded space. Laugh, love, true emoting, warm lighting and nice bartenders. All the necessary elements for the great pub representation video are here.
Cocktail video is also absolutely easy to shoot when bartenders are smiling, joking and having nice short talks with every customer. It feels like they really enjoy their job. Our London filming crew also love their job, especially with such light and sunny people!
Did you know that event photography is all about movement? Movements of the crowd, movements of the light. All the atmosphere is moving and sharing the vibe with you. Event photographers tend to sneak into the crowd and become a part of it for a short time because, at the point when you’re a part of an event, you feel the vibe internally. That’s how you can shoot the most atmospheric photos for any occasion.

You know what also helps to create the right mood in an event video like that? Small talks with regular customers - some sort of interview videography, but without the actual camera. We talk and ask about which feeling they have every time they come here. Why is this place so loved by them? Why do they keep coming? All of the personal experience helps our filming crew to understand how to show the face of this place, what is this truly about.

We stream are the experts in PR videography and photography and when it comes to building a brand awareness - we love to go deep and look through the company via clients and share the experience potential clients can get via video.

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Feb, 28 / 2022