British Fashion Council red carpet.

Videography services for Kris Jenner.

Year 2021. The numbers of covid-19 cases are slowly decreasing. Society started moving, getting out of their houses and seeing the sun more often. Stores are opening their doors for the customers. You see fewer people in masks on the streets. Some of the events are coming back. Kris Jenner appears on the British Fashion Council red carpet.
Wait, let’s come back and start from the beginning.

Our team is getting a message from one of the members of the f2max team.

“We need professionals for the red carpet. We need your team! There’s the luck of a gaffer and sound engineer as well!”
Alright, we’re up for it!
Kris Jenner is getting ready at Claridge's. Our crew is setting up all the videography equipment - 4k resolution camera, 6k camera, the cage, stabilising system, all the lighting. We’re now fully armed and ready to go. Our videography team is based in London. A lot of high standard events are taking place in Claridge’s, so we know Claridge’s hotel well. One of the producers advised us to wait for her at a specific point. Kris Jenner is heading up to the red carpet, so we must be quick.
All the lighting equipment is already on stand. We are waiting for her to come down.

A bit later she came downstairs. She looks stunning. Solid black costume with an amazing design by Tommy Hilfiger on top! She is absolutely gorgeous.

We put the lights in front of her face, but the black costume absorbs a lot of light, and the scheme we were planning to use isn’t working anymore. One of the lighting assistants is running upstairs to set up the contour light to separate her from the dark background. Second maximises the output of the second lighting source. 


Now the video would look how she deserves it. The video looks stunning!
We’re continuing making some shoots to make the final video look adorable and our videography team disappears. 
We’re not at Claridge’s anymore. We’re on the way to the editing team to pass them all the materials. The team is editing and posting a bunch of videos the next day. All the rights are reserved by f2max, but without we stream team, that amazing journey would not be possible.

The final video you can see here.
The final video you can see here
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Oct, 18 / 2021