One day trip to Manchester with a great surprise.

Interview with Paul Pogba

Last year was pretty impressive for our team. We are an extremely passionate videographers team who dream huge. The team actually consists of passionate people who want to achieve some unbelievable achievement in their life.
Somehow, the last few years brought into our company an amazing motion designer, creative set designer, camera operator who dreams about big movies, a gaffer who is so into fashion, a director who wants to change the world one day. Our slogan we use as a crew is
“Work hard to achieve your goal if you love it. Leave us if you lose interest”.
In April 2022, we received a message. Hello, that’s the French channel The Brut, and we really love your portfolio. Would you like to come to Manchester tomorrow? We are shooting quite a big celebrity tomorrow and we still haven’t got people who can professionally record it in Manchester, so you might be interested. The majority of the team has been booked for the date, so we asked the Brut’s manager which kind of quality they expect, how big the crew should be and what equipment we have to get.

Everything they'd mentioned was available at the time, so we agreed. Part of the crew had got a flight to Manchester and only after arrival were we told that we'd going to film Paul Pogba - probably the most famous French footballer.

At the same studio, 5 different French channels occupied the space set up the equipment so Paul just had to move around them, not wasting time waiting. Every team has been prepared. When he entered, some of the assistants immediately suggested water, the costume department suggested changing the clothes.
We set up the microphone and let him sit in the prepared place. The gaffer made the adjustments to the lighting. The videographer who came all the way from London checked the sound and the recording started.

Our London team was so happy with the footage that our videographer, camera operator, gaffer and sound assistant decided to ask a few additional questions. Probably, French TV channels were disappointed because they wanted to get advantage of additional time by themselves, but that’s how videography in London works. You have to be fast and strong to be in the UK film industry, especially if you get a celebrity interview in Manchester.

I’m absolutely sure that Paul Pogba had a great time working with our team. After the final question, we took a few photos with him and left. Now is the time for the editors part of the crew. Our editors work in London, so we had to get back really fast to pass the materials to them. We took the fastest train and in 3 hours we passed the materials.
- “The video shooting in Manchester went well” - yeah, said Violet. - “That was quite a short-notice filming, but we did it on time, so I am happy.”
- “Do you like the footage we’ve got?” - “Yes, I actually do, the main thing is to make it look gorgeous at the editing stage.”

We ended up passing the materials to the Brut media unedited because they wanted to have raw material to make some adjustments in terms of script and captions, but WE STREAM team was extremely happy with this short journey.
The final video you can see here
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June, 16 / 2022