Private poetry event for the artist in east london

The moment of bravery is being engraved in memory

The great events in your life happen not often, but enough to make a difference. You would definitely love to rewatch all of these amazing moments over and over throughout life. Having a short movie about your great moments is like rewatching your favourite movies, at the moment when the character reaches new heights.
Every time watching the same movie, you understand something new about the processes which happen within the character, you understand some of the events and emotions better.

But what if you have an option to re-experience your own important events in your life? Would you find new senses in the same events? Would you look at the people presented during the event the same? What would you feel rewatching the event which was one of the most important things in your life?
You would definitely go for it!
Seyi dreamt about this poetry event for a few years. And when the time came she decided to engrave this memory. Video services are ordered for such a special and desired point of overcoming your own fears. The moment of your life at which you become completely different, when you choose another route, choose a different mode of personal improvement or just expand the range of your affections.

In the actual video, the professional video team based in London, making Seyi see her family and friends laughing, smiles, their honest first expressions and real reviews. The whole video is edited in a nice, natural way. We have also managed to fix some light problems which happened during the event.To make this video even better we’ve also decided to get some interview videography and hear some thoughts of Seyi herself. She shares what she feels about each poem and overall feeling about the event.
Also, during the actual event, Seyi managed to fundraise some money for sickle cell society, which helps a lot of people. With this video recording on YouTube, she raised the awareness about this disease.

So, if you need any kind of private event videography or private event photography to be done - you can always contact us. We know how to help you spread information via video. We know how to save memories with video. We would love to help you remember all of the important events in your life using high-quality photography and videography!
The final video you can see here
July, 2 / 2022