Thames freeport launching

Rishi Sunak opening the Thames Freeport

There was a huge event running in the Savoy Hotel - launching the Thames Freeport. For this massive event, our team has been chosen as the one who will provide video materials.
“We stream” came to the place much earlier than the actual event started. At 8 am we met the sound team, and began setting up. We filmed some b-roll and the guests started to arrive. The Chancellor of the Exchequer at the time and Prime Minister of UK, Rishi Sunak, made a speech at this event. He announced the opening of the Thames Freeport, attended by Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapps (now the Secretary of State for the Home Department). Video services provided for this event were finished in 2 days, which meant that our team was powerful enough to capture, edit and create all the colour grading for 2 videos about this event.
The final video you can see here
Videography for the huge events such as this one is one of our main focuses. Our team of professional videographers are well known for creating amazing videos for different celebrities, politics, large international companies and CEOs.
Videography for conferences such as Thames Freeport has a huge impact on the representation of the actual event. This video was widely used on different articles and websites which helped spread the news about the financial freedoms in the Freeport zones.

You maybe may be wondering “what makes shooting the large events so different?” - filming the massive events always means an increased number of camera operators for the day. At this event, we actually had 5 cameras and 3 camera operators to be able to shoot everything happening in the different corners of the same building. Having 3 static cameras and 2 gimbal cameras helped our camera operators team to shoot both variants of the shoots. Combining static and dynamic shoots makes watching the video much more interesting for the viewer. London-based filmmakers such as we stream can provide excellent material for every corporate event or conference.
If you have any interviews or events coming up soon - you can always get us as your media support team. We’re trying to help those clients who come to us at very short notice.

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Sep, 16 / 2021