Everything about sleep industry in UK.

Interview with Sleep 8 CEO Musi Chayla.

The modern sleep industry includes a lot of high-performance technologies which make your sleep extremely deep and comfortable.
People usually have no idea about how big the sleep industry is.
It’s not only about the mattresses and beds. The modern sleep industry includes a lot of high-performance technologies which make your sleep extremely deep and comfortable. Sleep shops all around the world show the best examples of variety you can achieve working with one product. Mattresses, bed pillows of unique designs - you will definitely find your favourite over there.
The actual video you can see here
One of those stores had been chosen as a location for a great interview with the large sleep company co-founder and CEO. Before the actual filming day, we went to the store and checked the few things which were the most important to achieve the great quality.

  1. We went into the store and looked around. We had to find the best place for the interview. It has to have a lot of depth, meaning that the seating space has to be far away from the walls. It also has to be in contrast to the skin colour of the interviewee and the interviewer.
  2. We checked how many lighting sources we’d need to get for this shooting. Despite the clients' thoughts, the location was pretty dark, so we decided to light it by ourselves.
  3. We checked the location in terms of sound quality. At the time, the sound quality was great as no one was in the store.
The next day, we went to the same store with all the equipment. Three 4k cameras, tripods, lenses, gimbal for b-roll, lighting equipment, sound equipment. Setting up the cameras and lighting took about 20mins and as soon as we finished, the co-founder and CEO walked into the store.
We had a cup of coffee to get to know each other better, then one of the crew set up the mic and we started the recording. The video recording services provided by us turned out well. All the material we received looked great. It was really easy to colour grade.

When there are all the stages of video creation in place, the whole process is absolutely easy. You can actually check everything in the pre-production stage and at that point much less can go at the wrong pace. We can easily adjust everything or change the location if needed. That’s why you can always identify professional videographers. They will always care about the pre-production even more than about the actual production.

Post production stage was complicated just because the client wanted to get the captions in Russian even though the actual interview was recorded in English. But we did it. The whole of our amazing UK videography team did an amazing job. Interviews in London and all over the UK are one of our favourite jobs. You always get to know some secrets of high-level specialists in each field. Don't really know why book event videographer London? Check out our article!

Also, I want to tell you that there is a big difference between a cheap videographer and a professional videographer. High quality interview video recording and cheap interview video recording differences are the number of cameras provided for the actual interview (if you get a professional team there would be at least 2 cameras), the quality of those cameras (we use 4k cameras for our videos), the sound recording quality (we have an amazing sound equipment which provides the best quality), quality of the lightning source provided, number of people in the crew which is a significant quality mark.
Dec, 9 / 2021