famous designer lightened up from a different perspective.

Interview & TikTok video for Tommy Hilfiger

Last year our team of amazing videographers got a lot of interesting offers. One of them was from the f2max team. That day we went to the main Tommy Hilfiger office based in central London (close to Harrods).
The whole crew did the covid tests and after receiving the negative results we went to the actual studio where the shooting took place. An amazing hall filled with designer clothes from different eras. Lookbooks with upcoming fashion shows all over the walls. Drafts by the designer in the frames. Everything looks stunning.
We set up the light, introduced ourselves to the interviewer and then started building the camera setup. When Tommy Hilfiger entered the room, his assistants immediately suggested coffee, a croissant and water. He declined. At the time, he chose to speak with the interviewer before the actual interview. As soon as all the questions had been agreed, we put the mic on him and turned on the light. The interview shooting started. It took about 30 minutes - it couldn’t take any longer when you have a priority to speak with the world's famous designer. Our videography crew worked amazingly at this point. All the angles were incredible and even at one point when the light let us down, we fixed it immediately, bringing the backup light we had in a back room. It took under 30sec.
After this interview, a few reels were recorded in a different room, and the main part of the team was sent to the coffee break. The next part of the shooting happened in the Londoner hotel close to Piccadilly square. This part was much faster because we actually hadn’t got a lot of time before all the celebrities got out of the hotel heading to the red carpet.

We met Kris Jenner and made a bit of the video for her as well. That was also a pretty interesting experience and you can read about this experience here.
Final video can be found here.
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Nov, 29 / 2021