Documentary for UKraïner

Documentary about Ukrainian organisation in London

Plast is a non-political youth organisation designed to promote physical and intellectual development for children.
The documentary consists of the story about the creation of “Plast”, an interview with Marta Muliak about the features of the British Plast, an interview with Olha Mukha - mentor in Shark club and an interview with a member of senior Plast Orysia Martsiuk.

The whole project was such an adventure for the team. We’ve been contacted by Ukraïner and asked if we can film the series of documentaries in the UK.
“For sure we can!”.
As soon as we'd been approved for the positions, we met the team. Ukraïner has also got a photographer and an interviewer and both of them were unbelievably professional. Tetiana Kharchenko is a journalist who produced a large number of documentaries for the voice of America, who also interviewed plenty of people for the BBC in Britain. Working with her, we understood how great interviewers work.

We stream has also filmed another documentary for this project. If you want to see a story about the Famous Ukrainian chef - click the button.

As an interviewer, she led the conversation in such a way that every person revealed themselves to her in a matter of minutes. She could talk a person to such a state that he talked about his family secrets and hidden details of the organisation. Documentary films have always been a priority for her and now we are collaborating with her for major projects and documentaries, as she has become the person about whom we can say that she is truly magnificent in professional terms.
The shooting itself took place in different locations around the UK. Travelling videographers? Yeah, that’s about us. The camera operators packed the rucksacks and prepared for the journey. Crew with high quality equipment travelled across the country to collect all the needed videos and information.
An experienced documentary videographer is the one who makes the journey easier because he has enough experience for that. He knows the timing and knows how to get the right material. The documentary video creator is the one who is truly passionate about every story he or she is filming. Interviews are pretty common in documentaries. That means that you have to get a filmmaker who is going to understand how to record sound properly. Video creators are going to be extremely useful to you as soon as they have been on such a journey as a documentary. They are mature and know a lot about different people.
The final video you can see here
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Sept, 24 / 2021